Our market-leading Transportation Service is a combination of our well-maintained and diverse fleet, and our skilled and safety-vetted drivers. The vehicles, from light-delivery scenarios to the abnormal load are supplied with the requisite composite and modular accessories. The usual road-transport and shipping of regular goods aside, we are experts in managing out-of-gauge shipments.

Over dimensional loads

CMTL Group is an expert in carrying heavy loads. We operate a fleet of specialist low-loader trailers which allow us to transport almost any cargo with minimal surcharges. Our operations team is able to procure permits and arrange for police or other government escorts where necessary.

Container transport handling

Road haulage is central to our logistics solutions in Sub-Sahara Africa. We own and operate a fleet of well-maintained and reliable vehicles. Through vehicle tracking and on-board computer analysis, drivers are constantly monitored and analyzed according to driving patterns and on-road performance. Such practice ensures efficient service and accurate delivery times.

Transportation of hazardous material

CMTL Group is licensed to transport a range of hazardous cargo and explosive materials throughout East and Central Africa.

Plant mobilization

Plant mobilization for mining and earth-moving equipment of up to 60 tons. CMTL Group is a provider of logistics solutions for mobilization and relocation of large industrial plants within East and Central Africa. Our range of services includes collection, transport and delivery of any consignment, from prefabricated steel structures and sophisticated plants to heavy machinery and delicate electronic equipment.

Fuel tanker transport

CMTL Group has a fleet of 25 trucks as of 2016. Our tanker carries 42,000 litters of fuel. The fleet travels in excess of 2 million kilometres in a year, including to destinations such as Zambia, Congo and Rwanda.

  • We have customers who have been making use of our services for more than 10 years. Though business has grown significantly, CMTL has not compromised on quality, providing top-class tanker logistics solutions backed by a professional team. That is how we have maintained a loyal customer base.
  • We sensitize our team to the risks of transporting fuel as cargo. CMTL makes sure that drivers understand how to handle the trucks and the road while hazardous materials are on board. Our vehicles comply with the laws regarding safety signs.

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