Value delivered

The relocation exercise involved three buildings located in three different locations in the City center, namely:

  • NMB House, located at Jamhuri and Azikiwe streets,
  • Bank House, located at Pamba Street and Samora Avenue ; and
  • Maktaba Square, located along Azikiwe Street.

CMTL was responsible for relocating all of the 600 staff along with their computers, safes and files, to the new head office located at Azikiwe and Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road. The relocation was scheduled per department to avoid interferences with NMB’s daily operations. The entire move was carried out over a 12-week period.

Effective planning and the use of specialized equipment and materials were critical in ensuring that the move was carried out successfully. Weekly stakeholder meetings were held to ensure that all parties were aligned and that all were appraised on the progress of the project.

Project details

Client: National Microfinance Bank (NMB)
Project brief: CMTL was commissioned by NMB to relocate three different buildings in the city center of Dar es Salaam to their newly constructed state of the art headquarters.


Communication with the CMTL team was second to none, excellent and patient with our uncertainty over dates. The team was extremely polite, quick, and helpful, they also had lots of packing material and a big team so the job was done quickly. I found CMTL were much more reasonable than anybody else.

Thanks CMTL for ensuring our belongings arrived safe and sound.

I was very impressed with the way the CMTL staff all worked, their expertise during the actual packing process was impressive and their attitude excellent, being both friendly and accommodating. Their Border team are obviously efficient too, as things were processed remarkably speedily there.

Thank you CMTL for organizing our move within short notice. It was a success.

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