Value delivered

The new gas tankers and plant equipment were delivered to TOL’s new plant in Katumba Tukuyu in Mbeya. CMTL was required to obtain permits from the police and TANROADS, as well as organize for a proper road escort and road closure for the duration of the trip.

In order to execute this delivery, CMTL placed 25-tonne cranes and a forklift at each site to ensure that the loading and offloading was carried out in a smooth and timely manner. CMTL also ensured the job was carried out by experienced staff and drivers, given the significant risks posed by the size of the load.

Project details

Client: Tanzania Oxygen Limited
Project brief: CMTL was commissioned by TOL to transport their new 20-ton gas tankers and plant equipment from Dar es Salaam to Mbeya.
Route: TOL Dar es Salaam Head Office to new plant in Mbeya, Tanzania


Communication with the CMTL team was second to none, excellent and patient with our uncertainty over dates. The team was extremely polite, quick, and helpful, they also had lots of packing material and a big team so the job was done quickly. I found CMTL were much more reasonable than anybody else.

Thanks CMTL for ensuring our belongings arrived safe and sound.

I was very impressed with the way the CMTL staff all worked, their expertise during the actual packing process was impressive and their attitude excellent, being both friendly and accommodating. Their Border team are obviously efficient too, as things were processed remarkably speedily there.

Thank you CMTL for organizing our move within short notice. It was a success.

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