Founder and CEO

I am pleased that you are taking time to learn more about CMTL Group. It is important that you understand the values that guide us and set us apart in the logistics industry in East and Central Africa. We have been making life easier for our customers since 2007. We understand that the more conveniences [...]
Green Initiative Plastic box

Green initiative

CMTL is looking for viable ways to go green. Such initiatives are important to the environment, and the environment is increasingly a concern to our growing client base. We are glad to accommodate this concern where possible because eco-friendly measures are in line with our forward-looking values. One green measure that CMTL is implementing is [...]
Archive facility visual render2


CMTL is in the process of establishing a state of the art document archive facility with 2000 square meters of floor. While we have been providing archiving and record management services since 2013, CMTL is expanding operations with the largest facility of its kind in Dar es Salaam. We are excited to be providing superior [...]